Outdoor Kitchens

These days, outdoor kitchens are rapidly becoming necessities in residential areas, as well as in some commercial establishments. As it is, more and more property owners are seeing the need to have an extension of their indoor kitchen in order to accommodate friends and guests who wish to dine al fresco style. Additionally, many people now realize that having a kitchen built outdoor is actually a great investment since it not only makes the outdoor area more functional, but also add to the property’s market value.

The Need for Experienced Outdoor Kitchen Builders

Outdoor KitchensBut it’s not enough to hire just about anyone to build your dream outdoor kitchen. For property owners who wish to have outdoor kitchens built in their area, it’s important to make sure that they are built by experienced and creative people. Incidentally, our company has a team of experienced and creative landscape installers who have built dozens of similar structures for Tennessee residents.

At Tennessee Outdoor Innovations, we can build you not only functional and durable outdoor kitchens, but also stunning hardscape structure that you and your guests will surely love.

Kitchen Features We Recommend

Aside from grill or stove and dining set, there are other essentials that we can put into your outdoor kitchen. These add-ons make outdoor kitchens more functional and attractive. We can also provide everything that you will ever need to make your outdoor cooking and dining experience highly enjoyable.

We recommend the following kitchen features:

Outdoor Kitchens
  • Microwave. Re-heat food or cook quick meals with a built-in microwave oven in your outdoor kitchen.

  • Refrigerators/freezers. Keep meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables fresh longer with outdoor freezers or refrigerators.

  • Rotisserie/warming rack. Enjoy mouth-watering roast chicken and keep it warm with these kitchen amenities.

  • Heavy duty grills. Cook delicious barbecue or T-bone steak with a heavy duty grill.

  • Mini bar. Keep conversations light and the mood sober with some great wines and liquor stored in your mini bar.

  • Automatic dishwasher. Do away with the hassle of having to do the dishes manually with an automatic dishwasher machine.

  • Pantry. Eat great food together with your family, friends, and guests at a walk-in pantry in your outdoor kitchen.

  • Entertainment System. Never miss out on your favorite game or sporting event with a large flat screen TV or listen to your favorite music while cooking outdoors with a Hi-Fi sound system.

Additionally, you can choose between the roofed or pergola styled kitchen or the open type, but we strongly recommend you pick the pergola type for protection against the elements.

Hire Us

Tennessee Outdoor Innovations has everything needed to build you the outdoor kitchen of your dream. With our experience, you can count on our unique designs to make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the outdoor kitchens in your area. Moreover, we assure you that your outdoor kitchen will last for years, even decades because of the superior craftsmanship of our people.

Contact us today and let us discuss what your design preferences are and what amenities you’d like us to add to your kitchen. With Tennessee Outdoor Innovations, great-looking and functional outdoor kitchen is just a phone call away!